Avenatti’s Interview On THE VIEW Did Not Seem To Go As Planned [VIDEO]

I guess there are some far left loons that even other far left loons can’t tolerate. Michael Avenatti, the lawyer to the porn stars and nimrods, probably thought that The View was a safe place for him to spew his venom, but as it turned out, he was treated like he was a conservative. Avenatti is representing Julie Swetnick, an obvious scam artist. She claims that she was at 10 parties where women were drugged and gang-raped, including herself.

Seems odd that there were at least ten parties in which women were gang-raped and no one including Swetnick said a word to anyone or reported it to police, including the other nine victims. She claims she saw Kavanaugh standing around doing nothing, a memory she says is vivid, but yet she didn’t notice a single person who raped her and they were very close to her.

From The Conservative Tribune

The whole interview is below, but a crucial exchange starts about the 1:50 mark. Avenatti’s answer is a combination of dodges, references to the document, and an awful lot of “uhs” that don’t inspire confidence — apparently not even in the liberal ladies of “The View.”

He sounds like a criminal defendant who knows his story is falling apart.

“Well, I think the allegations, Sunny, if you read further in the declaration, are far more specific, and, uh, relating to Brett Kavanaugh’s conduct towards women in general, including the attempts to , uh, drug, uh, women, by placing, uh, grain alcohol and/or drugs in basically the punch at these parties, that many of these women ended up gang-raped, unfortunately.

“I mean, the details in this declaration are specific; uh, they are shocking, uh, but above all else they are true, and my client stands behind them 100 percent and she’s looking forward to having an opportunity to meet with one or more FBI agents, hopefully, and describe what happened, and she’s also prepared to testify if she’s permitted to do so, to the U.S. Senate.

You could almost see Avenatti shrinking in size as he was getting killed in this liberal friendly hosts ripped him.

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