Beautiful Black Model Fired for Attending TPUSA Event

Aren’t the liberals always telling us that Blacks can’t be racists? I know I’ve heard that said hundreds of times. But, now a modeling agency has fired a beautiful black model because they say she is a racist. So, what did she do to earn the racist label?

She appeared at a TPUSA event for young conservatives. OMG! as Janice would say on “Friends”. So, according to the modeling agency all of these young black men and women are racist against other black men and women? Is there some unwritten law somewhere that says Blacks cannot have a mind and an opinion of its own? Yes, it’s in the liberal bible, Alinsky 2:1 and KKK 5:13-14.

From The Gateway Pundit

Turning Point USA held its Young Black Leadership Conference in Washington DC in late October.

During the conference attendees were invited to meet with President Donald Trump at the White House.

President Trump was greeted with thunderous applause at the White House Friday from members of the Young Black Leadership Summit as he detailed how “America First” policies are imminently benefiting the African-America community.

Model Zoe Bethel attended the weekend conference and posted photos from the event.

For the record… TGP contributor Lukasz Dusza was fired from his modeling agency after they discovered he supported Donald Trump.

If not baking a cake is intolerant, what is cutting off someone’s livelihood worth?

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