Andy McCabe REMAINED Involved In The Hillary Investigation – AFTER His Recusal

It’s a funny thing about recusals. After you recuse yourself, you are supposed to stay away from what you recused yourself from and not attend meetings on it. Someone forgot to tell Andrew McCabe, who continued to be involved even after recusing himself according to the IG report.

He hid this from everyone but the truth came out during the investigation. McCabe also intentionally hid his recusal from the Senate Judiciary Committee, McCabe’s recusal was because his wife received $700k from Hillary’s bagman, Terry McAuliffe.

As previously reported, conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch obtained documents in November of 2017 showing Deep State Andrew McCabe didn’t recuse himself from the FBI’s email investigation of Hillary Clinton until ONE WEEK before the presidential election (Nov 2016) despite obvious conflicts of interest with his wife’s campaign donors.

Andrew McCabe’s wife, Jill McCabe is an ER Pediatrician who was recruited to run for state Senate in Virginia. She lost the race in November of 2015 and subsequently came under heavy scrutiny for $700,000 in campaign donations she received from Hillary’s friends whilst her husband was investigating Clinton.

According to Judicial Watch McCabe controlled resources supporting the investigation into Hillary’s email scandal while his wife was running for Virginia State Senate:

Now we find out he was still involved in Hillary Clinton’s probe even though he recused himself from the investigation.

Follow this thread from the investigative reporter, Paul Sperry…

“BREAKING: “When McCabe served as [associate deputy director], he was occasionally present at meetings where the [Clinton email investigation] was discussed,” IG report reveals. So McCabe was IN FACT involved in Clinton email probe in 2015 WHILE HIS WIFE WAS RUNNING FOR OFFICE”

“BREAKING: McCabe and his deputy Lisa Page deliberately withheld from Sen. Grassley’s committee the fact that McCabe had been recused from Clinton investigations. Page email: “No way. [We are] protecting that fact as long as possible.””

So much for his recusal.

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