Charles Payne Slams Down Against Critics of Trump’s Mexican Trade Deal [VIDEO]

Charles Payne had two guests on his show today who were critical of president Trump’s fantastic rewrite of NAFTA. They were  Hadley Heath Manning and Jillian Melchior. Both are globalists and tried to make the same lame argument that it will hurt the consumers.

This is a false flag. Consumers are hit the hardest when they don’t have a job in which to provide for their family. That’s real hurt. I don’t think any American objects to paying a little more if it means their neighbors and themselves have jobs for which to pay the increase. Welfare does not pay overtime.

From The Gateway Pundit

The President made a commitment to the American people that he would restructure the country’s trade deals and bring jobs back to the Heartland.
And he did.

President Trump has created over 400,000 new manufacturing jobs in America.

Of course, Democrats and the globalists are upset with this latest assist to the American worker.

That’s when Charles Payne chimed in.
“I will respectfully disagree. Every expert who echoes this whole, ‘You know we’re worried about the consumer.’ They’re not. They’re worried about corporate America’s bottom line. They’re worried about the globalists and Wall Street making big money. I don’t believe that. Because if you really were concerned I think the average American watching this show would pay a little more so the guy who lost their job a few years ago got it back.

The new trade deal is a blessing for auto workers, steel workers and those who have jobs supplying the companies and the workers with necessary and not so necessary items. It says that to avoid tariffs, cars must be made 75% in the United States, up from the 62.5% in Nafta. It also says that auto workers must make at least 16 dollars an hour, which kills the incentive that car makers have in relocating to Mexico.

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