Developing: Iraq Migrant Arrested Over Bomb Plot

A Muslim migrant from Iraq was arrested in a sting operation after he built two bombs he planned to use in a major terror attack. This is why we must know who we are letting into our country.

Ahmad Suhad Ahmad has been charged with bomb-making and teaching another person how to make bombs in what the FBI calls an elaborate sting. Ahmad came to this country as a refugee. He was living in Las Vegas at the time of his arrest.

The Daily Mail reported:

An Iraqi refugee living in the US built two homemade bombs in a Las Vegas condominium which he planned to use in a deadly terror attack, can reveal.

But Ahmad Suhad Ahmad was thwarted by the FBI because the bureau had set up the whole thing as an elaborate sting operation, according to bombshell court documents.

Ahmad is accused of showing undercover FBI agents how to connect the blasting caps and where to place the C-4 on the bombs – intended to hit a target in Mexico.

According to the paperwork filed at the US District Court in Tuscon, Arizona, Ahmad, is also accused of teaching ‘the making and use of an explosive, destructive device, or weapon of mass destruction’, to another person between March and April, 2017.

He allegedly provided an undercover FBI operative with homemade bomb recipes and taught them how to construct ‘remote-detonating bombs’.

Ahmad told a confidential FBI source how to detonate a bomb using a cell phone with a removable battery – a trick he said he learned during the war in Iraq, the papers allege.

The FBI is to be congratulated for the arrest, but the thing is, the FBI must be successful every time but the terrorists only need to be successful once.

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