Millennials Trash Trump for Racist Comment That Hillary Made

This past week, Hillary Clinton cracked a very racist joke, while doing an interview with Kara Swisherabout, who confused Cory Booker with Eric Holder. Clinton quipped that “they all look alike”. If a Republican cracked that joke, it would have been the lead item in every newspaper or television station. But, since it was an elite liberal, she gets a pass.

The Daily Caller was interested in what millennials might think about the joke, so they sent out Stephanie Hamill, but she reversed the script and said that Trump had said it instead. All of the students trashed President Trump and then they were told that President Trump didn’t say it, Hillary did.

From The Daily Caller

After the students roasted President Trump because they thought he said it, they couldn’t give Clinton a pass. A racist joke is a racist joke.

So my question is: Where’s the outrage fromDemocratt politicians and the liberal media?

“America Uncensored” is a Daily Caller program dedicated to political stories dominating the news cycle. TheDC’s Stephanie Hamill is a straight shooter who isn’t afraid to tell you what she thinks.

Hamill has put the Left on blast for turning a blind eye to the violent MS-13 gang, talked about the Left’s war on white men and highlighted the dangers of socialized medicine in some of her recent monologues. Check out a few of Hamill’s other greatest videos and subscribe to our YouTube channel to avoid missing out.

Someday millennials will wise up to the Democratic party. I just hope they don’t destroy this country before they do.

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