Rep. Matt Gaetz Threatens to File FEC Complaint Against Twitter

Rep. Matt Gaetz informed the Daily Caller he’s considering filing a complaint with the FEC (Federal Election Commission). Because Twitter has blocked access to his site.

The growth on his site was doing great until the last algorithm change. Therefore it has cut his growth by 71%. He contends it’s the same as Twitter making political contributions to the Democrats who are not seeing the same drop off Republicans do.

Twitter makes the claim there’s nothing political in their actions. The bias is against conservatives every single time. Gaetz notes there are no drop-offs on either Instagram or Facebook. Gaetz supplied the Daily Caller with detailed records from over a period of time proving his contention.

From The Daily Caller

Gaetz was one of several prominent conservatives, including members of Congress and the chair of the Republican National Committee, whose accounts Twitter suppressed by making it harder to find in the site’s search function, a Vice News investigation published Wednesday found.

“Democrats are not being ‘shadow banned’ in the same way,” the report concluded, noting: “Not a single member of the 78-person Progressive Caucus faces the same situation in Twitter’s search.”

Twitter announced in May that the company would rely on “behavior-based signals” to boost the visibility of some accounts and to suppress the visibility of others as part of a step “to improve the health of the public conversation on Twitter.”

Social media better hope Republicans don’t gain seats in November. As a result, they could declare social media platforms as utilities. Should that happen, they could be tightly regulated and fined excessively if they try censorship they currently employ. Republicans could even lose seats in the House while still implementing public utility regulation. The power of Google, Facebook, and Twitter worry Democrats.

The Daily Caller reached out to Twitter who would not comment.

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