Another GOP Rep Tears Into Rosenstein for Biased Motives [VIDEO]

Rep Matt Gaetz was on steroids today as he questioned the smug and dishonest Rod Rosenstein. Gaetz brought up the fact that Rosenstein claimed that biases against President Trump is different from actions. But then Gaetz rattled off a bunch of actions that were taken that did show bias both in the Hillary illegal server investigation and the bogus Trump/Russia collusion investigation.

Rosenstein did not answer just as he refused to answer questions all day. It is becoming apparent that either Rosenstein has to go or the president needs to start declassifying documents.  Until one or the other happens we will never know what crimes FBI and DOJ personnel committed. One question that Rosenstein refused to answer was if he read the FISA warrant before he signed it. That is a question he could have answered that would have nothing to do with revealing information deemed classified due to national security. Obviously, Rosenstein decided before hem walked into the chamber that his goal was to stonewall Congress.

From The Daily Caller

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz grilled Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein over when the FBI actually began looking into the Trump campaign in 2016 Thursday.

“Are you aware, as you sit here today, of any payments that were made to any person to collect intelligence on the Trump campaign prior to July 31, 2016?” Gaetz asked.

“No. Keep in mind, I wasn’t there. I only know the information we’ve obtained from the FBI Records,” Rosenstein answered.

“Are you, as you sit here today, aware of any efforts to contact Roger Stone that occurred prior to July 31, 2016?” Gaetz said.

“I don’t have any personal knowledge, congressman, but I know we’re seeking to respond to Devin Nunes’ request,” Rosenstein said.

The longer they withhold the information, the more they have to hide. They are now claiming they can get all the documents to Congress by Jan 15th. How much do you want to bet that all the really incriminating evidence is released after election day?

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