CONFLICTING REPORTS: Broward County May Not Have Even Started Their Recount By Monday Noon

On Saturday, a recount of votes for the Senate and governor races in Florida was ordered. Palm Beach Country started their recount within hours. The Miami Herald is reporting that as of noon, Broward County had not even started theirs yet and may not be ready to start until Tuesday morning.

Palm Beach had asked for permission to start sorting pages of the ballots before the recount was ordered and had received permission to do so. Broward did not, and as a result have time to fake more ballots since they will not make the Thursday deadline for certifying their results.

From The Miami Herald

By noon on Monday, Miami-Dade managed to recount about half of the more than 800,000 votes cast in the 2018 election. Broward County had not yet started its state-mandated recount.

The stark contrast in pace from Florida’s two largest sources of ballots highlights the pressure facing Broward as it tries to meet a Thursday afternoon deadline to recount the more than 700,000 votes cast in the largely Democratic county.

As of noon Monday, Broward still had to calibrate its ballot-scanning machines and sort out the ballots needed to be counted, suggesting the actual recount may not start until later in the day or even Tuesday morning.

Roberto Rodriguez, a spokesman for Miami-Dade Elections Department, said it was Thursday night when county workers began sorting out the page containing the governor, senate and agriculture commissioner races. Those are the only ballot pages that must be scanned again in the recount. On Monday, Broward officials said the page sorting process may not be over until Tuesday morning.

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