Congressional Black Caucus Objects to Kavanaugh Writing “In the Eyes of Government, We Are Just One Race”

How terrible. Kavanaugh believes that blacks deserve equal justice. What a terrible thing to say. Why, it’s downright insensitive. CBC Chairman Cedric Richmond says that Kavanaugh writing that proves he is a bigot.

What freaking kind of drugs are these people doing? Mr. Richmond. I am only saying this because I really, truly care. Crack kills, man. Richmond went on to say that it’s obvious that President Trump is trying to pack the court with bigots. But, if that were true, why didn’t he nominate Richmond? To hear Richmond talk, Kavanaugh’s confirmation would mean the end to the black race in America.

From Breitbart News

Richmond painted Kavanaugh’s nomination as part of an injection of “bigots” into the federal judiciary, although he stopped short of describing Kavanaugh himself as a bigot. “President Trump has seized on this opportunity to pack the court by selecting judicial nominees who lack pragmatism and are often strikingly unqualified and proven intolerant bigots,” he said. “We’re in the midst of a fundamental shift towards nominees that embrace ideology at the fringes of mainstream legal thought.”

Richmond claimed that “voting rights,” “education,” and “criminal law outcomes,” would “be greatly endangered” by Judge Kavanaugh – to whom he referred only as “Mr. Kavanaugh” – taking a seat on the Supreme Court.

“Mr. Kavanaugh’s confirmation would fortify a generation of destructive conservative ideology at a time when several historically significant legal challenges will come before the high court,” Richmond told the committee, adding later that Kavanaugh’s writings demonstrate a “sparse commitment to equal protection under the law.”

A 1999 op-ed Kavanaugh wrote for the Wall Street Journal was presented as objectionable. “Almost 20 years ago, while in private practice, he wrote that in the future the Supreme Court would agree that in the eyes of government we are just one race,” Richmond told the committee as he encouraged them to oppose Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

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