Democrats Worried Because They Have No Real Message

Democrats are worried because they have nothing to offer the voters other than stop Trump. I don’t know why they are worried about that. They haven’t had a real message in years. It must be tough when you have to hide your agenda because no one in the world would vote for you if they knew what you really stood for.

With just a week before the election, coming up with a message now, would be a waste of time. The last time that the Democrats has a message, Stephen Douglas headed the presidential ticket. But Lincoln beat him anyway.

The Hill‘s Mike Lillis and Amie Parnes report:

Democrats are sounding growing alarms in the final push before the midterm elections that the party lacks the message it needs to combat President Trump and win back Democratic majorities in Congress. Some of the comments are positively biting, and illustrate that nerves are on edge less than two weeks before Election Day

‘We haven’t had a real message since the last presidential election so why change it now?’ said Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis. ‘We had no message in 2016. We had no message in between. We have no message going into this election…You have to give people a reason to vote for you, not a reason to vote against someone else.’

Kofinis added: “In terms of a Democratic Party having even a semblance of a message, it’s just not there and that’s the reason this election is going to be unpredictable… . Nobody should be surprised if it’s a good night or a bad night.”

They should have at least had hats made, Like MACA. (Make America China Again)

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