Did Democrats Release Private Numbers Of Republicans? Well…

Just like us, US Senators have private phones. In the past few days GOP Senators began receiving threats on their personal phones. These are not numbers that are ever given out to the public. But there is a book in which those numbers are listed. Every member of congress gets a book with the private numbers of all members of congress.

A copy is given to each member of Congress, with the understanding, they are not to give out the numbers. But, members usually offer their most trusted aides the use of the book in order to make contact with their boss and the other members. It’s not a huge leap to believe someone from one of those offices released it, and I don’t rule out the Senators themselves.

From The Gateway Pundit

The Democrats, led by Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer launched the most evil smear campaign against Kavanaugh in modern times–and they still lost.

Republican lawmakers have been screamed at, assaulted and intimidated by unhinged leftists leading up to Kavanaugh’s confirmation–now the GOP lawmakers are receiving death threats on their personal cell phones.

Only a small trusted group of staffers have the Senators’ personal cell phone numbers.

Via FOX News producer Pat Ward: “Fox News is told by this lawmaker that Senators share each other’s contact info through a small pocket-sized book issued at the beginning of each congress, generally only issued to a small and trusted group of staffers.”


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