Former NYPD Commissioner Calls for Investigation of Corrupt Manhattan DA Cy Vance Following Today’s Hit on Manafort

Bernie Kerik, former police commissioner in NYC is calling for an investigation of corrupt NY Da Cy Vance for doubling down charges on Paul Manafort. Cy Vance has a long history of corruption.

He received tens of thousands of dollars from the lawyer of Harvey Weinstein after he refused to bring charges against him. Vance tried to take over the trial of corrupt NY AG  Eric Schneiderman.  Eric Schneiderman wanted him to take the case too, since Vance never prosecutes Democrats, only Republicans.

Gov Cuomo refused to allow him to have the case due to too many conflicts of interest.

From The Gateway Pundit

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik called for Attorney General Bill Barr to launch an investigation into the corrupt Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance following his indictment of Paul Manafort.

“This is the greatest demonstration yet of a politically motivated and corrupt District Attorney Cy Vance who pre-announced his intent, then coordinated with Mueller’s team to insure that Manafort dies in prison. The US Attorney General MUST investigate,” Bernard Kerik said in a tweet on Wednesday.

Last month TGP reported that the Communist New York prosecutors had prepared charges for Paul Manafort just in case President Trump pardons him.

Mueller and the Deep State want Paul Manafort, who will be 70 years old in a few weeks, to die in prison for the ‘crime’ of working with Donald Trump.

President Trump cannot pardon Manafort for potential state crimes so this was a message from the Communists that if Trump dare pardon Manafort, they will get him somehow.

The 16 charges unveiled by Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance relate to mortgage fraud, conspiracy and falsifying business records, CNBC reported.

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