GOT’EM! Newly Released Documents Prove Andrew Gillum Didn’t Pay His Own Way

The people in Florida must be suffering from something. No matter how much dirt comes out about Socialist Gubernatorial candidate, Andrew Gillum, they still want to vote for him, even though he could push for an income tax to pay for all of his liberal and socialistic programs.

The latest document dump shows that the undercover FBI agent assigned to Gillum actually had to pay over $4,000 for the food served at a Gillum fundraiser. Just a couple of days ago, after Gillum said his brother paid for the tickets to “Hamilton” it was revealed that the undercover FBI agent paid for them and gave them to Gillum.

From The Blaze

The documents include an email from Corey to an undercover FBI agent who was going by the pseudonym Mike Miller. The email read, in part:

Attached is the invoice for the dinner you graciously offered to sponsor. As mentioned, it was a bit higher than I expected because of some last minute attendees so let me know what you would like to cover and I’ll handle the rest. Again, I really appreciate this!

The bill for that event came to $4,386. Forward Florida did not include this contribution in its records.

In another email, Corey asks a campaign finance consultant named Brice Barnes if Gillum ever connected “with Mike Miller to thank him for co-sponsoring the food.” Barnes responded that Gillum had sent Miller “a personal note.” On Friday, Barnes told the Miami Herald that he did not “have any information other than the email exchange.”

Corey also asked Miller to give him “a shout about the Vegas trip you mentioned,” adding “I have another idea.” Trips that Corey and Gillum took with Miller have also come under scrutiny.

Gillum insists he was never a target of the FBI. Really? Then why did the FBI assign an undercover agent to give you graft?

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