How Many Questions Did Democrats Ask Kavanaugh About Ford?

Many people were expecting Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be peppered on questions related to Christine Ford. But, evidently, the Democrats had decided that strategy was a loser, probably because there isn’t one shred of evidence to back up her claim. As a result, Kavanaugh was asked exactly zero questions by the Democrats in reference to Ford.

Instead, they peppered him with questions about slang words in his high school yearbook. In high school, we said that someone was 5-8 if they were gay. If you wore green socks on Wednesday, you were 5-8. How many of you would want to be judged solely on your years in high school?

From The Blaze

Wait, so what did they ask?

Well, they asked him about slang in his school’s yearbook, including a baffling exchange between Kavanaugh and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse in which the senator inquired about the meaning of the word “boofed” (you probably don’t want to Google that one)

They asked him broadly about his drinking habits; whether he had ever had too many beers, whether he’s ever passed out or blacked out while drinking, and whether he’s ever had memory lapses caused by alcohol. Not on the night of the alleged sexual assault, just in general.

They asked if he believed Anita Hill’s 1991 testimony that Justice Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her, for some reason.

But mostly, they asked him about the FBI.

Senator after senator grilled Kavanaugh about the FBI. Would you submit to an FBI investigation? Why haven’t you requested one? Are you scared of what the FBI might find? Why don’t you turn to White House counsel Don McGahn right now and tell him to go to President Donald Trump to open an FBI investigation?

Just exactly what would the FBI investigate? They have one witness, who doesn’t know where the event happened, who was there, what the date was, and she doesn’t even know the year. Just exactly where would you start? This was a planned event, where they knew they had no facts on their side and tried to divert attention from that fact.

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