James O’Keefe Warns Democrats He Has October Surprise(s) Coming

In one way, James O’Keefe is like President Trump. Neither one bluffs. That should worry Democrats as O’Keefe issues a warning of an October surprise or surprises he has planned before the November elections.

Depending on what O’Keefe has planned the Democrat’s anticipated blue wave could turn into a red tsunami very quickly. But, as cryptic as his tweets are, they seem to be pointed to exposing the Swamp. Let me recommend the background music for those tapes. How about the Beatles and “Swampthing in the Way They Move”?

From The Gateway Pundit: O’Keefe taunted CNN’s Chris Cillizza for praising Omarosa’s secret recordings, “In the end, it’s all about the tapes.”

“Screenshot this. Screenshot this for when you will be dragged kicking and screaming covering our October surprise(s).” O’Keefe warned.

“Media has set a new precedent for reporting on undercover tapes. We’ll see if they play by the same rules when we release our October surprise(s). If so, they will be incredibly busy covering the midterms,” O’Keefe tweeted.

On Sunday afternoon, James O’Keefe posted a photo of a very humid, swampy Potomac river with a caption that read, “Walked along the Potomac on a particularly swampy day after a long film shoot and thought how satisfying it will be for Project Veritas to drain it a little more come September/October.

“Walked along the Potomac on a particularly swampy day after a long film shoot and thought how satisfying it will be for @Project_Veritas to drain it a little more come September/October. ”

To top it off, last week, O’Keefe announced that he would be starting his own version of Wikileaks. For people who have damaging information on a Democrat or Democrats, this could just be the place to see that it becomes public knowledge.

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