Ocasio-Cortez Is Inspiring An Entirely New Generation Of People To Run For Office

Muslims say that because of Ocasio-Cortez’s victory in New York State, their hopes have been raised and this year, a record number of Muslims signed up to run for offices across the country. Candidates identifying as Muslim were reported at 90.

So far, about 40 of them have been eliminated through the primary process and more will fall when primaries start up again in August. Because of the high number of immigrants and refugees from Iran and the Arab world (Note: Iranians are Persians and not Arabs) Michigan is their best chance of breaking through. Their candidate for governor is polling third and second is within his reach but he is more than doubled by the front-runner.

From The Daily Caller

Presently, there remains nine Muslim candidates for Congress, according to Jetpac, a not-for-profit aimed at building American Muslim political infrastructure. Moreover, the group estimates 18 Muslim candidates for state legislatures and 10 additional Muslim candidates for various state and local offices.

While the number of Muslims running for office is up, the rate of success has not been especially high. However, Muslims are expected to perform more competitively in Michigan, which has one of the country’s biggest Arab-American populations, according to Geoffrey Skelley, an associate editor for one of the Center for Politics’ websites at the University of Virginia.

Roughly seven Muslim candidates are running for office in Michigan alone. One such candidate is Abdul El-Sayed, who is running for governor. If elected, El-Sayed would be the first Muslim to hold a governorship in America. He is currently polling in third place at 17 percent, behind Gretchen Whitmer at 40 percent and Shri Thanedar at 19 percent.

This is something you may want to keep a sharp eye on and whether the candidates are radicals or not. The same way we need to keep eyes on socialists and liberals in general. The vote is our most powerful weapon and we should never lower ourselves to the gutter tactics of the left like BAMN and Antifa.

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