San Francisco Taxpayers Spent $6,122.44 Each to Register “Undocumented People” to Vote

The city of San Francisco decided it was a good idea to let illegal aliens vote. Towards that end, they spent $300,000 of their taxpayer’s money for the effort. In the end, a grand total of 49 illegal aliens registered to vote. That means it cost $6,122.44 for each illegal voter, as opposed to the less than $8 dollars it costs to register a legal citizen.

But, it should have dawned on the leaders of San Francisco that illegal aliens would be reluctant to register to vote since the feds could subpoena the lists of registered illegal voters, which would include their home addresses.

From The SFGate

San Francisco’s effort to get noncitizen parents to the ballot box is pretty much a bust the first time out, with only 49 signing up to vote in the Nov. 6 election.

Back in July, the city began registering noncitizens — including undocumented immigrants — to vote in school board elections.

The program is the first-of-its-kind in California and followed passage of a 2016 San Francisco ballot measure opening school elections to noncitizens who are over the age of 18, city residents and have children under age 19.

The city spent about $310,000 setting up the new registration system and encouraging people to sign up.

But Donald Trump’s election quickly put a damper on enthusiasm for the idea. This year, city officials began voicing concerns that signing up could expose people here illegally to detection by Immigration and Customs Enforcement since voter rolls — including home addresses — could be subpoenaed by the feds.

In my opinion, illegal aliens should not be allowed to vote on any level and doing so negates the vote of an actual US citizen. And at over $6,000 a voter, you can hardly argue that it’s worth the money.

And this is a great argument for why we have our electoral college, ain’t it?

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