The Wrath of Nancy Pelosi is Nigh

If you vote against Nancy Pelosi for speaker, you must know the danger you put yourself in. New York Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice, knows that very well now.

She voted against Pelosi and Nancy yanked her off the powerful House Judiciary Committee. Her next assignment might be on the House Joe Piscapo Committee, where they sit around and are forced to watch Piscapo’s greatest movies. And once every ten years, they produce 3 copies of the report on the Piscopo movies.

One copy for the dumpster in the back, one copy for the dumpster behind the Capitol Building and one copy they burn to keep the Russians from getting it.

From The Daily Caller

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reportedly keeping New York Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice, who rallied against Pelosi’s reappointment as speaker, off of the House Judiciary Committee.

As Politico notes, Rice is the latest victim in the Pelosi vendetta against her detractors. Rice gambled and lost when she decided to oppose Pelosi’s reappointment as speaker.

Pelosi reportedly worked hard behind the scenes, keeping Rice off her personally approved list of committee candidates and ensuring everyone knew.

Pelosi won the tug of war even though many New York Democrats wanted Rice on the committee because the congresswoman is a former prosecutor and just right for a committee that might pursue the impeachment of President Donald Trump. She is also a fervent gun control advocate, once referring to the National Rifle Association as a “domestic security threat.”

Let this be a lesson to you. If you cross Nancy Pelosi, she’ll get you, my pretty. And your little dog too.

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