Trump Campaign Goes To Arbitration With Omarosa…Seeks Millions in damages

Omarosa was counting on making a fortune on her new book but as it stands now, she will be destitute for the rest of her life. Omarosa claims that she was offered a high paying job in exchange for a non-disclosure agreement. (NDA) That turns out to be a lie because she was already under an NDA.

Not only that, but she is in violation of that and the Trump campaign is entitled to damages. Now, before you say that she will become rich on her book royalties, let me point out a very salient fact.

Not only is the campaign eligible for damages but they also get every penny she makes from her violation and that includes book royalties.

From The Washington Examiner

While Manigault Newman has claimed that she did not sign a nondisclosure as part of her White House work or in exchange for a 2020 campaign job that did not materialize, her signing of the agreement during her 2016 campaign work remains in force because it is with the same campaign organization and never went out of force, said the campaign.

“The campaign is holding her accountable for the 2016 nondisclosure,” said a Trump ally.

An official said on background that Manigault Newman has made “egregious” violations of the agreement and as a result, they are seeking millions of dollars in retaliation. As the case unfolds, they might also seek any “ill-gotten profits” she has received from the book, including her fee for writing it.

In an arbitration, which both sides agreed to in the nondisclosure agreement, each agrees to an arbitrator, often a retired judge, who will hold a hearing and consider evidence. In the end, the arbitrator will dismiss the case or issue a penalty. It has the full force of law. Typically the arbitration process moves faster than in a court.

In fact, if the arbitrator so chooses, he or she can stop the sale of the book based on Omarosa’s violations. To make matters worse, if she did not inform the publisher of the NDA, she could be liable to them for the money they will lose if the book is shut down. Welcome to the real world, Omarosa.

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