Trump Tweets Tucker Carlson Video on Mueller’s Witch Hunt [VIDEO]

President Trump tweeted out 5 minutes of a video of Tucker Carlson talking about how the Trump/Russia hoax was started and why. He pointed out how the Democrats said that by claiming that Barack Obama born in Kenya, hurt the country and diminished the office of the president.

Trump said that was a fair point but then he said this witch hunt is much worse than that. From all indications, Mueller is close to wrapping up his investigation without a shred of evidence that the president colluded with Russia. I do expect a report filled with innuendo and unfounded speculation.

Carlson compared how Democrats said the contention that “Barack Obama was born in Kenya” “hurt America” and “delegitimized” the former president. “Fair points,” he contended, but “somehow Democrats learned the opposite lesson.”

“For three years they pushed their own far more harmful conspiracy, the theory of Russia collusion,” said the Fox News host before laying out the timeline of how the infamous Steele dossier was created, publicized and used as a weapon against the president.

“It was fake then, it is fake now,” said Carlson. “But it still caused an awful lot of damage,” including helping “destroy our relationship with Russia.” (RELATED: Tucker Carlson: ‘If Michael Cohen Had The Dime’ On Trump, ‘He Would Drop It’)

What then, Carlson asked, will Democrats “explain to their followers” when the Mueller report drops with no evidence against the president? “Will those people be disappointed? Or will they assume that Putin got to Mueller too?”

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