20,000 Invaders Enter Europe’s External Border, Nearly All Armed With Knives

That’s a lot of knives. I hope George Soros got a good price for buying so many at one time. The invaders are trying to cross the Bosnia/Croatia border. Austrian Intelligence has determined that most of them are armed, mostly with knives.

The invaders have been getting bolder, and many think they are just days away from breaking through. Croatia is trying to handle it on their own but the invaders are beginning to get more violent, throwing rocks and any other object they find in their path. Hungary will be spared. They have a wall.

From Breitbart News

According to Italian news agency ANSA, local media reports the groups send numbers of young people and children towards the police line to chant “open border, open border”, while clashes see mobs of young men charge at police, and throw stones and other projectiles.

“The Croats are trying really hard to handle this alone, and have even positioned special forces in the area”, but authorities in the Balkan nation are struggling to cope with worrying developments at the border, according to sources at the Austrian Interior Ministry reported by Austrian bestselling newspaper Kronen Zeitung.

“More [illegal immigrants] are arriving — there are no more families and there are hardly any women left,” sources at the ministry’s migration department are claimed to have said.

About 95% of the invaders are young men, mostly from Pakistan but also includes Iranians, Algerians, and Moroccans. It seems liberals just won’t listen to our warnings, no matter what part of the world you happen to be in.

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