Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters Asked if Kavanaugh Guilty Until Proven Innocent [VIDEO]

A group of anti-Kavanaugh protesters were asked if Kavanaugh is guilty until proven innocent and the results show just how truly clueless they are. Christine Ford lied about when the party was, who was at the party, the second front door on her house, her claustrophobia and her fear of flying and still these nimrods believe her.

She offered little in the way of proof and what she did offer was a lie. It’s really scary to me that these people are allowed to vote, but then again, without these people, the Democrats would never win an election.

Here are some of their answers, which goes against the 14th Amendment of the constitution:

  • “In terms of him deserving due process, he’s going for this position, this is what he has to go through.”
  • “Not in this case.”
  • “It’s not about innocent until proven guilty. Yes, [Kavanaugh] is innocent until proven guilty, but that’s not what this is, it’s not a court. This is a job interview.”
  • “I wanna believe it, but his behavior is kinda contrary to that.”
  • “The thing is, it is not about innocent until guilty. It’s about [Kavanaugh] will not stay still long enough and take responsibility for what has happened already…it’s a sham, it’s a total freaking scam.”
  • “They’re letting [Kavanaugh] be innocent until proven guilty, but what about Dr. Ford? I mean, hello?”
  • “His temperament is insane. His rulings are nonsense. He’s a nasty, evil, horrible human being.”
  • “Due process is not what we’re about. … That’s not the issue.”

My fondest wish is that each and every one of these people are faced with having to prove their innocence for something they didn’t do.

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