Body Language Expert Analyzes Peter Strzok

Peter Strzok was a smirking pompous ass during his testimony before Congress. The body language expert at Body Language Ghost analyzed Peter Strzok’s performance during his testimony before Congress.

The body language expert (BLE) said that Strzok’s body language reveals that he sees himself as a king, smarter than anyone around him and therefore feels no guilt over the many crimes he may have committed. His smugness points out the fact that he sees himself as capable of getting away with whatever he wants because he knows best.

So you’re watching him get read, basically the riot act. Ha – he’s such a turd. We saw his body wiggle. His facial expressions are comical, indeed. It’s like he has a permanent snarl on his face. You sit there and if you can kind of imagine in your mind and do it as you sit here, put a snarl in your nose around your upper lip and just think of the mindset that you would have to be in to keep it there. Your only friends and the only people you let into your box are the only people that think like you,and so everyone else is going to get that snarl and disdain.

This is the power of belief systems. It’s what’s wrong with the DOJ and the FBI. They are in a belief system. Remember if they believe they’re king, they’re not oppressing, they’re standing their ground.

“When your girlfriend is more important than your wife, your politics more important than your country, and your ego more important than history,…”

What Strzok needs is for a federal judge to declare that he spends some quality time in an exotic place like Ft Leavenworth. He can set up his kingdom and rule in there unless some inmate by the name of Bubba decides to make him his queen.

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