Millions of Bottles of Water Found In Puerto Rico – Corruption Runs DEEP!

Y’all remember when that loony San Juan Mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz, went on the veritable warpath against Donald Trump and our government’s response in the wake of Hurricane Maria? She made some pretty wild claims… well guess where a mysterious 12 million bottles (yes THAT many) were discovered this week? An airport runway IN PUERTO RICO!

BuzzFeed News reports that “Justo Hernández, deputy federal coordinating officer of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), told reporters that the 19,841 pallets of water were left on the runway at José Aponte de la Torre Airport and that as a result, ‘some of that water was spoiled.'”

Now, others in the area are calling out a lot of players here, even Puerto Rico Secretary of State Luis Rivera Marin during a Fox News interview for politicising a natural disaster.

“So far this year, the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto, has been out of Puerto Rico for 52 days, tending to activities with different organizations and delegating the functions of her job that she was recently reelected to, to former vice-mayor of the capital, Rafael Jaume,” NotiCel reported. “Subsequently, there have been 11 executive orders issued by Cruz Soto to designate Jaume as interim mayor while she is outside Puerto Rico.”

But we all know it didn’t stop there… even the “glorious” mainstream media went on the offensive against Donald Trump, claiming the failures in Puerto Rico on his administration. Thankfully the truth is slowly but surely coming out… it’s the Puerto Rican official’s who are at fault.

The Daily Caller flagged a video clip yesterday of FEMA administrator Brock Long appearing on MSNBC and debunking many false or misleading claims that the media has been peddling since the hurricane. And why is this important? You see, Trump deferred a small portion of FEMA’s budget to help our ICE boys and liberals WENT NUTS! And yet, the FEMA admin HIMSELF has said that it won’t affect their response.

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