NY Democrat Arrested For Threatening Zeldin and Fellow Trump Supporters

A Democrat suffering from Trump derangement syndrome tried to run over a GOP campaign worker and threatened supporters of Rep Lee Zeldin and President Donald Trump. Martin Astrof was arrested and charged with making terrorist threats. He showed up at the Zeldin campaign office and threatened on of the campaign workers there, the nearly ran him over. He was picked up later in the day.

Suffolk County Police reported:

Suffolk County Police today arrested a Nesconset man for making a terroristic threat against a campaign worker at Lee Zeldin’s Congressional Campaign Headquarters in Nesconset this morning.

Martin Astrof was arrested after he threatened to kill supporters of Congressman Lee Zeldin and President Donald Trump. Astrof went to the campaign headquarters of Congressman Zeldin and became irate with a campaign worker at approximately 11:15 a.m. After threatening to kill the campaign worker and other supporters, Astrof backed his car up in an aggressive manner nearly striking the worker.

Astrof fled the scene and was arrested a short time later in front of his home in Nesconset.

“Following Maxine Water’s urging, Martin Astrof threatened to kill supporters of New York Congressman Lee Zeldin and President Trump. Astrof went to Zeldin campaign headquarters where he threatened to kill a campaign worker and other supporters.”

“In the US, political scores are settled at the ballot box, not by trying to kill your political opponents. Donato Panico is a great American, supporter of @realDonaldTrump & one of my campaign vols. He shouldn’t have been targeted like this today for his passion & involvement.”

I lay the blame for this on all deranged liberals in general and on Maxine Waters in particular. They keep fanning the flames and sooner or later someone is going to get killed.

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