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Google has approved an app in countries that recognize Sharia Law. It willow Muslims to report blasphemy and can lead to 5 years in prison. Google will in effect help Muslims send people to prison for speech. At the same time that Google is banning and censoring Christians, they are happily working with countries that …

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California has made voter fraud as easy as falling off a log. They are the state that passed a law allowing people to gather votes from others and submit them. That’s how Democrats stole 7 seats in the House from California alone. All you need is a list of people who are dead or haven’t …

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Things are not going the way the media is telling us it is going.

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If Obama can only pull in 750 people in California, where is the blue wave at?

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And it may be totally within the law…

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Decriminalizing crime doesn’t seem to work. Who could have guessed that? Red states maybe.

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