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Acting Attorney general Matt Whitaker says that Robert Muller is just getting ready to wrap up his witch hunt. If that is true, then not one single person has been charged with collusion. Several people are accused of lying to the FBI and congress, but there is no underlying crime. In other words, they are …

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Adam Schiff appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday and he said that he planned to call Matt Whitaker to testify before his committee. He was asked what evidence he had of wrongdoing. Schiff said he had none but he planned to manufacture some. Well, he didn’t actually say that, but you know that’s …

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The people in Florida must be suffering from something. No matter how much dirt comes out about Socialist Gubernatorial candidate, Andrew Gillum, they still want to vote for him, even though he could push for an income tax to pay for all of his liberal and socialistic programs. The latest document dump shows that the …

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I wonder how long it will take “them” to request she recuse herself?

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