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Oregon “attorney general” Ellen Rosenblum is suing President Trump yet again. This is the 18th lawsuit filed against the president by the Oregon AG to generate publicity for herself since the suits have produced nothing else. This time they are suing over the law enforcement money they no longer get as a sanctuary state. But, …

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Oregon cannot find 1,000 sexual predators. I don’t know how I would think they have plenty of them. The state police point out that one of the major problems is a state law that requires few of convicted rapists and child molesters to register as such. Now, everyone is running for cover. Now, it comes …

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The bottom line is this is a nation of laws

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Antifa, was at it again this weekend as they violently attack the Christian group, the Portland Patriot Prayer group. Antifa brought bottles, rocks, and mace to use in attacking the prayer vigil. To Antifa’s horror, some decided to fight back and in the case of one skinny would be terrorist, it did not turn out …

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