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Mitch McConnell is taking a stand against socialist garbage. Will he stick to that stand? Who knows. He can be tough but more often than not, he folds just like a cheap road map. He said that if he remains as majority leader, you can refer to him as the Grim Reaper because the socialist …

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Socialists like AOC and Bernie Sanders point to Scandinavia as successful socialist countries, but they are wrong on two counts. First of all, their economies are capitalistic and only their social programs can be considered consistent with their values. AOC and Sanders believe that government should control businesses. Secondly, their social programs are failing, largely …

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A video was recently uncovered that shows Bernie Sanders being interviewed when he was still just a mayor. In the interview, he bashed Reagan and praised Fidel Castro to the sky and unashamedly admitted that he was a full blown socialist. Bernie also had praise for socialist leaders in South America and attended a speech …

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When I was growing up, politicians were warning Americans about the evils of socialism. They were talking about the Russians. Today, you would be talking about the Democratic party. When I was growing up, someone who killed little babies was considered a monster. Today we know them as Democrats. If someone tried to take your …

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He is very low on the relevancy scale. Moreso after this latest stunt.

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Tell me more about how great that form of government would be again?

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