Activist Makes Unbelievable Call Against All Pittsburgh Cops

Mauricelm-Lei Millere, a black activist who also goes by the name Minister Mauricelm X,

is calling for the cold-blooded killing of every police officer in Pittsburgh after the shooting death of black teen Antwon Rose by police. Using the same logic that the so-called pastor is using, if a black man were to commit a cold-blooded murder, shouldn’t Mauricelm be put to death, too? Of course not. The guilty must pay but not the innocent. The police cannot let this pass. They must arrest Millere and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. There are too many crazies out there willing to do just what he asks them to.

From The Blaze

What did Millere say? In a Saturday Facebook post that he implored his readers to share, Millere wrote:

Please note that the post has since been removed from Facebook.

Dispatch To Pittsburgh Is Written In Blood and No Less! Attention: To All Who Is Concerned! We are on our way to Pittsburgh to apply the laws of an eye for an eye, in self-defense of our younger black brother, who was murdered hours earlier!

We have no alternative! We must kill the police, that are killing our black children & Families In Self-defense! To All Black Nationalist, Gangstas, Featherweights, Heavyweights, Black Mercenaries, MS-13, Especially ETCs!

We have taken oaths of death before dishonor, to right the wrongs that are happening in our communities (both foreign and domestic)! I am enacting this Black Nationalist/Internationalist Oath Now!

Millere is the co-founder of the African American Defense League along with Malik Zulu Shabazz. One of their members, Micah Johnson, who fatally shot five officers and wounded an additional nine officers in a 2016 ambush in Dallas. That is why this threat cannot be taken lightly.

During a Black Lives Matter protest march on July 7, Johnson opened fire on officers in downtown Dallas, killing five and wounding seven others. He said he wanted to kill white cops as retribution for recent officer-involved shootings, according to police.

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