CONFIRMED! West VA Candidate Was A Practicing Pagan Witch Leader

A Democratic candidate for the West Virginia House of Delegates was an active leader in pagan witchcraft. Lissa Lucas rose through the ranks of a Wiccan cult to its third level — the highest stage for most Wiccan cults.

She has also written two books on witchcraft, including one on how to cast spells. She says that she is not worried about the voters because they are not religious bigots. But why not have a witch running for the state legislature, after all, we had one run for president in 2016. Oh, witch……….I was thinking b……….never mind.

From The Daily Caller

Lucas’s campaign has raised more than five times as much money as her Republican opponent, thanks in part to national media attention that has left out Lucas’s witchcraft.

She authored two books on casting pagan spells, writing under the name Llysse Smith Wylle. The author biography for Lucas’s 2007 book, “The Art of Magic Words,” a how-to guide for casting spells, touted her experience in witchcraft.

“Llysse Smith Wylle has been Pagan for many years and Wiccan for seven,” the description reads. “She is a member of the Third Circle of the Tradition of Universal Eclectic Wicca; she also teaches and coordinates its First Circle degree via the Coven of the Far Flung Net.”

“For a number of years, she has studied Chaos and other magical techniques privately, as well as with a small esoteric study society called the Order of the Golden Breath,” the description continues.

Here is the funny thing about it all. Liberals have no problem with people who practice witchcraft and satanism, but let a Christian run for office and look out. But that is really understandable because Christianity is against everything liberals hold near and dear.

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