FBI Allegedly Only Read 3,000 of 700,000 Emails – Guess Who Picked Which Ones [VIDEO]

I thought it was outrageous when we were told that the FBI only examined about three thousand of the nearly 700,000 emails from Carlos Danger’s  (aka Anthony Weiner) laptop computer.

That was bad enough but the newest revelations may require the use of duct tape to keep my head from splitting wide open. Guess who personally handpicked the emails the FBI actually reviewed. It’s a name you are familiar with, Peter Strzok. Yeah, the fix wasn’t in there, was it? He got to select the emails and I’m sure he didn’t pass over any of the bad ones, do you?

The Gateway Pundit

Clinton fixer and Trump hater, Peter Strzok was the FBI agent who actually hand-picked the 3,000 emails from the 700,000 email tranche to be examined.

“Peter Strzok, the disgraced agent who was in charge of this Mid-Year investigation–he actually personally hand-picked the 3,000 email sample and with 2 other investigators and they went through them all supposedly…” Sperry (Paul Sperry) said on FOX News’ Ingraham Angle.

Comey told Congress in a sworn testimony that “thanks to the wizardry of our technology,” the FBI was able to delete the majority of messages as “duplicates” of emails they had already examined. FBI agents then toiled “night after night after night” to examine the remaining emails.

NOT TRUE. Comey’s protege Peter Strzok hand-picked the 3,000 emails to make sure it looked like there was nothing classified or incriminating in the bulk of emails.

If this country had a real Attorney General, we would have a special counsel looking into all the corruption that was an everyday occurrence during the Obama administration. Unfortunately, we don’t.

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