Illegal Aliens Committed 48,000 Assaults in 2017

Is this why Democrats are so fierce in their support of open borders. Do we not have enough violence in our country, so we need to import some? Illegal aliens committed 48,000 assaults last year including 5,000 sexual assault offenses, 2,000 kidnapping offenses, 1,800 homicide offenses and 76,000 dangerous drug offenses.

On top of that ICE made 4,818 arrests of MS-13 members for deportation. Will the liberals now protest Trump and ICE for separating MS-13 from their children they pimp out for sex? And God forbid you give them a DNA test. That would really hinder human trafficking in underage prostitution.

From The Daily Caller

“Abolishing ICE would mean that countless illegal aliens who pose a threat to public safety would be allowed to roam free — killing, injuring, and threatening Americans — instead of being removed from the country,” the press release reads.

The release also highlights the role of ICE in seizing illegal drugs, noting the agency seized 980,000 pounds of narcotics in 2017, with 2,370 pounds of fentanyl and 6,967 pounds of heroin seized.

“Abolishing ICE would mean open borders because it would eliminate the agency responsible for removing people who enter or remain in our country illegally,” the press release stated.

The release comes in the wake of several Democrats calling for the abolition of ICE, including New York Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal of Washington, according to a Tuesday CNN politics report.

Bernie Sanders has reversed course and is now advocating that ICE be abolished. The entire Democratic party has been taken over by socialists and anarchists. If their voters wise up to what the Democratic party has become before November, there won’t even be a blue puddle but a red tsunami instead.

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