Israeli Defense Forces Shoot Down Syrian Jet in Their Territory

A Syrian fighter jet flew a mile into Israeli airspace. Therefore Israelis launched two Patriot Missiles. Thus knocking the jet out of the sky.

Syrian sources say the jet flew over Syrian territory at the time it was shot down. It is suspected that it was set off by an earlier rescue. Israel mounted to free 422 people including the humanitarian group, The White Helmets. Who provides food and medical attention to all sides of the Syrian civil war.

“Since this morning, there has been an increase in the internal fighting in Syria and the Syrian Air Force’s activity. The IDF is on high alert. It will continue to operate against the violation of the 1974 Separation of Forces Agreement.”

The agreement outlined the boundaries of the territory belonging to each nation, and stated that “Israel and Syria will scrupulously observe the cease-fire on land, sea and air and will refrain from all military actions against each other.”

Syria is making threats but Israeli defense forces are not showing any fear. They have placed their troops on high alert.

From The Blaze

Over the weekend, Israeli forces took part in a joint operation to rescue the White Helmets, a volunteer group that was providing aid to victims of Syria’s 7 1/2-year long civil war. Although the White Helmets offer aid to anyone who needs it on either side of the conflict, the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad views them as terrorists because they offer humanitarian aid to his opponents.

Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom agreed that the White Helmets were facing an immediate threat from the regime. At the urging of President Donald Trump, Israeli forces evacuated 422 people, including White Helmet volunteers and their families from Syria, across Israel and into Jordan where the Jordanian government had agreed to grant them temporary sanctuary.

Syria criticized this evacuation as a “criminal operation” carried out by “Israel and its tools.”

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