Leader of the Resistance, Brian Krassenstein, Admits Getting Paid By “Higher Ups”

Brian Krassenstein who spams President Trump’s Twitter feed and tries to prevent favorable tweets from reaching the top of the Twitter account admitted on a secret recording that he and his brother get paid by people opposing Trump. So much for the resistance being a grassroots movement. It’s pretty bad when you have to pay people to agree with you.

Krassenstein and his brother are no strangers to law enforcement. In 2016, they were raided over using their websites to operate a Ponzi scheme and using viruses to empty out people’s bank accounts. Police called it a money laundering site.

From The Gateway Pundit

In a secret recording published by Los Angeles-based political activist Currie Dobson, “Resistance” hero Brian Krassenstein admits to being paid for his excessive anti-Trump tweets.

The purpose of this is, he admits, is to spam the president’s feed and prevent positive commentary from being visible at the top when people scroll through the responses.

When asked if being a member of the “Resistance” is a job for him, Krassenstein begins by stating that he has several businesses and that it’s just what he enjoys spending his time doing. He quickly goes on to admit that he also happens to be paid for it.

“Of course we get paid,” Krassenstein admits, laughing. “Of course there’s higher ups paying us.”

“Brian @krassenstein admits to being paid for anti-Trump tweets in secret recording. “Of course there are higher ups that are paying us. They want us to help sow the division and to take over Trump’s Twitter feed. When [Trump] makes a post they want our tweets to be up there.””

It’s important that you know what makes it possible for people to get away with this. They post something they know will anger Trump supporters and the more responses they get, the more they can block positive content. All you need to do is quit responding to them and they are helpless.

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