Report: Not One Of The 234 Inauguration Protesters Were Convicted

During the inauguration of President Trump, 234 protesters were arrested. Six police officers were injured along with one civilian and $100000 of property damage occurred from broken windows and fires.

Twenty-one people pleaded guilty but the other 213 will go not only scot-free but could receive compensation since they did not plead guilty or get convicted. Maybe I wouldn’t be so surprised since DC is very heavily liberal and they see nothing wrong with attacking Trump supporters. Prosecutors couldn’t get anyone found guilty even when they had the crimes on video. The jurors said they just couldn’t tell if the persons in the videos were the same ones appearing in court.

From The Daily Caller

Although 21 people pleaded guilty before trial, prosecutors failed to secure any convictions for the protesters who went to trial. The attorney’s office filed a motion to dismiss the remaining 38 protesters awaiting trial, reported

“The destruction that occurred during these criminal acts was in sharp contrast to the peaceful demonstrations and gatherings that took place over the Inauguration weekend in the District of Columbia, and created a danger for all who were nearby,” the statement said.

The attorney’s office had already dropped charges against 150 of the defendants after the first six alleged rioters were acquitted, WaPo reported. Prosecution sometimes used videos they said showed defendants smashing windows, but jurors said the videos were too fuzzy to draw conclusions.

These rioters now believe they have carte blanche to do anything they want to. They’ll now presumably believe they can get away with murder and they just might be right.

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